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“I am an ortho surgeon from Delhi, I was suffering from Kaal Sarp Dosh and was facing huge problems due to this. But then I met Pt. Shahstri jee and then he gave me solutions to me problems and now I am happy man. If you people are having any such defects in your horoscope I would suggest you to meet him, Pandit jee will surely help you out of your all problems”

Bhriguastroconsult - Black Magic Specialist
Date published: 06/08/2015

“I was suffering from serious relationship problems, my wife was not happy from me and I could not understand what should I do. Then I found this website of PT Shashtri jee, he gave me proper solution to all my family problems. I was about to have divorce but now I am living with my wife happily and we have a 1 year old baby now. I am very thankful to Shashtri jee.”

Bhriguastroconsult - Love Vashikaran Specialist
Date published: 07/21/2015

“I am an architect; I started my career under a senior Architect and then started my own work in Chandigarh after having enough experience. I was doing excellent when I was under sr. architect but as soon I started my own business my life flooded with problems and nothing was working in my favor. Then I met Pt Shashtri when I found his website on Google. After his remedies my all problems were solved and now business is running very well. I have opened 2 more offices in Mohali and Panchkula. Thanks to Pandit jee who blessed me with his excellence.”

Bhriguastroconsult - Business Problem Solution
Date published: 08/18/2015

“I was manglik and that’s why my parents were very worried about my marriage but when I met Pt Shahstri, he suggested me some remedies to remove this defect and now I am happily married. I am very thankful to Pandit jee for blessing with his expertise.”

Bhriguastroconsult - Love Marriage Specialist Babaji
Date published: 09/20/2015

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