Taurus – Vrishabha

This sun sign / rashi is like a bull and represents the face and throat of Purusha (Ursha Major ). It resides in the summits of mountains, cowsheds and other places of animal habitats and agricultural lands.

Taurus is characterized by practical approach, their solidarity, extreme determination and strong will power. They are not generally driven by others by politics, unless and until they themselves are willing to follow or being loyal to their leader whom they trust. They are mentally stable, conservative, follow rules & abide breaking laws and they love peace and serenity. They possess number of good qualities which should be there in a good human being. They have a great sense of material values and that does not mean that they materialistic. They respect material, physical possessions, property and they prefer to build physical assets. They will do their best to maintain security and status and are reluctant to change.

Their metal levels are generally high; they are keen-witted and very practical rather than being intellectual. They are usually trustworthy, prudent, firm and very just, they also remain stable in difficulties and face the situation calmly. They are prone to develop brooding resentment through a series of injuries received. They need someone to stroke their egos very often. They are always faithful and kind to their friends, and are very affectionate. But they are very particular about making friends and they rarely make friends with anyone outside their social rank. But they are gentle, even tempered, have good nature, and are modest and not prone to anger. They avoid quarrels and love being realistic.  They are like lord Hanuman, not aware of their real power or capacity but once someone provokes them, they go on fire meeting all the capabilities.

Health Concerns

Taurus governs the throat and neck along with their subjects to the higher and deeper values. They need to take special care of throat infections, goiter and respiratory problems like asthma and cynocitis. They are also prone to diseases of kidney, liver, genitals, womb, abscesses and rheumatism. They may be lazy and overweight


  • Time to Ponder
  • Being Attracted
  • Comfort and Pleasure
  • Stability
  • Things Natural


  • Disruption
  • Being rushed
  • Being indoors
  • Being pushed too hard
  • Synthetic or "man made" things

Ruling Planet                         Venus
Color                                       Pink
Star stone                              Emerald

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