Nav Grah Shanti

Navgraha is the name given collectively to a group of nine celestial bodies (remember, not to the nine planets). These celestial bodies include five planets (Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn), two shadow planets (Rahu and Ketu), the moon, and the central unit of the universe, the sun. All our deeds and their outcomes are determined by the actions of the navgrahas.

Many a times, we feel certain negative energies around us. We keep on trying to achieve something but can’t make it. Even after analysing everything, we can’t find out the root cause behind these unnecessary hurdles. This happens due to the different grahas and their position in the related time.

We offer a sure solution of these problems. We conduct navgrah shanti puja to calm down the actions of the navgrahas and to overcome the negative energies responsible for business me rukavat, love problems and many more.

If you are tired of making efforts, and your luck is not supporting your hard work, than contact us. Our experts with years of successful problem solving experience are here to take you out of your problems with the help of navgrah shanti puja.

Pt T.C. Shashtri is a highly experienced love vashikaran specialist astrologer in Delhi and has a valuable 25 years of Experience in Astrology

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