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Pitra Dosh

Pitra Dosh usually is considered to be the defects from the father or ancestors of the family and this is what the name suggests. But this is not true because the horoscope of the person is made according to his time and date of birth.
As per the theory of Karmic Astrology, people take birth in the same family lines with same friends and same enemies for many lives till their Karmic debts and responsibilities are not cleared.

Navgrah Mantras

Sometime what happens is that planets are not in your favor. They go negative in a horoscope and thus it bothers and creates troubles in life. There are some remedies to this like wearing gem stones which are having positive effects and chanting some mantras as prescribed and thus it reduces the negativity of the horoscope and thus gives relief.

Nadi Dosh/ Bhakut Dosh

Nadi and bhakut are the factors which play major role in match making of any couple which is called Gun Milan System. They carry 7 & 8 pointers more than any other factor. If any of these scores 0 then defects are formed known as Nadi dosh or Bhakut dosh. What are these dosh and what effects they make of horoscope? Let us analyze the problems and find solution for your happy life.

GandMool Dosh

This defect is very common and is found in almost 200 per thousand people. According to prevalent assumptions and beliefs it is known for causing very serious problems in life. This defect is caused by position of moon. If moon is placed in 6 out of 27 Nakshatras it confirms the arousal of this problem as per the general definition of the defect.

Sadhe Sati of Saturn

This is among the most feared defects of the horoscope in Indian Astrology. This defect is caused due to Saturn (Shani) and if Saturn is not in favor of any person or is negative to him or her, it causes very serious problems, so if you have this defect you should immediately consult it to any expert astrologer and get relief.

Kaal Sarp Yog

Kaal Sarp yog is formed when in someone's horoscope, all seven planets comes and reside between Rahu and Ketu where Rahu is considered as a serpent's head and Ketu as the tail of dragon. This yog is considered as the most harmful defect because all the planets lose their positivity because they are surrounded by the serpent. This makes the person lose its fortune and thus creates problems and delays all the important works of life.

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